Choosing a colour

The apricot colour was very ‘eighties’ and needed modernising, but I was unsure of what to choose, so kept procrastinating. The paint had been a gift from my late father in law and reminded us of his generosity and support, so I gave another excuse for not starting. Eventually, I asked my brother, who is a design expert, and chose a similar but more updated colour.

What about the height chart

Another challenge was that the precious height chart recording our children’s growth is marked on the hall wall. I did not want to lose this, so put off painting again until a suggestion was made to frame the chart and paint around it.

But I have to prepare the walls

The walls needed a good wash, after surviving 30 years of family life. There are nine doorways with 8 solid doors and one double glass doorway to work around. Gaps in the walls were filled and sanded, all edges taped up with blue tape and paint bought carefully with social isolation protocols observed.


I have finally finished painting the hallway and am pleased with the results.

Do you have jobs you would like to do but find that obstacles keep getting in your way? Maybe you are procrastinating as I have been. The job was fairly simple, but the energy that went into putting it off nearly prevented it from happening! Challenge yourself to overcome the obstacles and complete a job that you have been delaying.

Your peace of mind is worth the effort.