Our kids have now moved out and there are only two people living in the house. Turns out we had squished enough to fill two other households into our home… yet we still seem to have too much stuff?

Some of the lessons I have been learning relate to making a fresh start. We have been considering what items we need and what we can do without.

Some of the collections I have worked on are;

  • Too many tea towels
  • A vast collection of vases
  • More socks than we will ever wear
  • Copious bath oils, body lotions and talcum powders
  • School papers, reports, awards and art works
  • Toys and children’s clothes
  • Old recipe books
  • Mismatched crockery and cups

Sorting through the cupboards with my adult kids gave me the opportunity to share some memories and give them some reasonable housewarming gifts. It is a way of blessing them as they move out to make their own lives.

It’s also added some new ideas and focused my attention on making our lives run more smoothly. We have updated some of our dishes and thrown or given away those we no longer enjoy using. Our clothes and books are more organised and I am washing and ironing on a much lighter scale. One of my kids commented that she was “missing the washing fairy” and has a new appreciation for the things that mum used to do. We are finding meals are easier to plan for just two and shopping takes less time and its a pleasure to share a meal and conversation when we do get together with our family.

If you are in a similar time of transition in your life and would like support to tackle this challenge, give me a call or send an email to Karen@thesortingangel.com.au and get started on your next adventure.