Do you have boxes of craft, photos or reading materials that we have been planning to organise ‘one day’?

If you keep looking at that stack and wondering where to begin, now might be a great time to get started.

You can find many ways to donate items to those in need by looking up sites such as Recycle near you or searching for Op Shops and other local recycling centres. There are services which will collect unwanted items to recycle such as 1800 Got Junk.

Some large retailers collect batteries, plastic bags, used light globes and even fabric can be taken to H& M stores to be reused as textiles for road making, etc. Mobile phones, used computers and IT equipment, books and used soft plastics can all be recycled.

Services such as Wear for Success and Dressed for Success collect good quality shoes, hand bags and work clothing and support long term unemployed people to reenter the workforce.

For help with sorting and coordinating these and other services call The Sorting Angel and make a start on clearing your clutter to help others.