For many reasons there are those who build up such a large number of possessions that they become overwhelmed. There is usually some trauma or set of major changes that have resulted in the home becoming cluttered and difficult to live comfortably in. When labelled as ‘hoarders’, people are often embarrassed and ashamed to let others into their homes.

Through training and experience, I have built skills to work in this area of decluttering. The focus of the work is on the wellbeing of the person and not on their ‘stuff’. We aim to find the area of greatest need and sort through the collection to find the treasures. One of my favourite sayings in decluttering is “I’ve been looking for that for ages”. A sensitive approach is needed to show respect for the client and their home and not to make the person feel uncomfortable.

It is often easier and less stressful for a client with hoarding tendencies to work with a professional rather than family and friends, as the emotions associated with parting from possessions are strong and can cause discomfort in close relationships.

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