About me, Karen White

My passion for organising began by simply being the person who helped family and friends get organised. Through my own experiences in a busy professional life as a Kindergarten Teacher, I have built an understanding of what it feels like to become overwhelmed. Life brings changes and transitions faster than we can manage and I have the skills and knowledge to step in with a hand to get you back to “square one”.

I work with clients to sort through the items that have collected around them and to decide what still serves their needs. One of the key elements of this process is to treat you and your possessions with respect and help with decision making. My aim to work in a relaxed, collaborative way to empower you to regain control in your space.

I believe that rather than throwing it all away, we can work together to recycle, re-purpose and re-prioritise the items which overwhelm us. It feels so much better when you can love your home and feel happy to pursue experiences that you enjoy.

Many people feel nervous or unsure about inviting an Organiser into their home. Be assured that there is no judgement of you or your belongings. The purpose of the visit is to work with you to find what works best for you and help to make your daily living easier to manage. It may mean reorganising your pantry or garage or helping to sort and rehome piles of paperwork.

Karen White The Sorting Angel
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Each time I go into my spare room I feel blessed because I can now move through the space which was full of boxes and go straight to the item I was looking for because it now has a specific place. I am filing things and putting things away. It is so freeing! There was no pressure to give everything away, I just felt happy



Karen is absolutely like her name, she is an angel!! The amount of stuff!! we have sorted & dealt with is amazing. I can now find things I am looking for because they now have a place. I am looking at my treasures with new eyes, I don’t have to keep EVERYTHING! Thank you Sorting Angel, you are worth your weight in gold!!



When the Sorting Angel comes to my house I know that I am in safe hands. As someone who had an entire double garage filled to the brim with boxes, with the Sorting Angel’s help we have been working on minimising the unnecessary items and reorganising the space. She takes into account how you’re feeling every step of the way and reassures you that sorting a space in an investment in your future. The more we sorted, the better I felt. I truly can recommend the Sorting Angel to sort your mess and give you peace of mind!



That’s fantastic! I saw the (room) before. Great work by the sorting angel!!



It is so difficult to define how Karen works, it is very subtle what she does, I only know she doesn’t make me feel bad for ‘not coping’ for getting in this situation in the first place, and that frees me up from some of the shame so I am able to move forward, plus the practical suggestions she trys… and she makes me laugh at myself and the situation…


Frequently Asked Questions

When invited to your home, I will come in and sit with you to chat about your needs and what has lead you to call for assistance. Often, my clients will give me a tour of the areas they would like to work on, as we explore what they would like to achieve. The place to start is usually the area that is the most troubling at the moment. Sometimes, it is useful to start with something that will show a big change quickly to motivate further success.

I am embarrassed by the mess in my house. What will you think?

When I come to your home, I am there to meet and work with you and not to judge you. My aim is to help you to sort and organize your possessions with respect for their place in your story. I do not wear a uniform or have any signage on my car. We make a plan together and work through your stuff at your pace to “nut out” systems that can help you to feel better and live more comfortably in your space.

Will you take photos and publish them on your webpage?

I do encourage my clients to take photos with their own phones to look back on for before and after shots. They are really useful to remind you that we have made progress if you feel like not much has changed yet. I do not use photos of a client’s home without their permission.

Where will my stuff go if you take it away?

Whenever possible, I am keen to recycle items, reuse things and reduce waste. I take items away with my clients’ permission to give to Op Shops, to local tips and animal shelters. There are many organisations that take unwanted goods and share them with others who can use them.

Before you buy containers and special boxes to get organized, there are usually lots of things in your house already, that can be repurposed in creative ways. Let’s work it out together.