Kid's rooms and  shared family spaces

Kid's rooms and shared family spaces

A calmer parent can lead to a calmer household!

I just love to get into a cupboard or a room that feels overwhelming and to sort, purge and tame it. I can work with you to decide how to create and manage your ideal space to suit the needs and interests of your home and family. When you are able to confront and control the things that can make you feel embarrassed to invite people in and the chaos that makes you late, it can cause you unnecessary stress, but we can work to eliminate such feelings.

Working on a space with parents and children is a particular favourite project for me. There is often a difference between each person’s version of “tidy” but amazing changes in care and responsibility can result when we find a way to satisfy everyone’s needs. Everyone gets to cooperate and feel more in control!

Some tips to start are

  1. set a timer and work on one small area to beat the clock
  2. give each person just one type of item to collect eg. All the blue lego or all the socks
  3. make sure everyone has a job suited to their age and stage
  4. use a photo or cut out picture stuck on a container to show where things go
  5. share a reward at the end eg a story or a trip to the park


Talk to the Sorting Angel for more ideas and assistance.

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