Keeping kids busy in the school holidays

Keeping kids busy in the school holidays

Are there times in the school holidays when you hear the dreaded cry of “I’m bored” and wonder what to do to keep everyone amused? Here are some suggestions of experiences that are low cost and can help pass the time in enjoyable ways.

Spend some time doing “making” with kids. Find a good recycling place, a factory with off cuts or boxes saved from the supermarket or Bunnings and, armed with plenty of sticky tape, glue and a space on the floor or the kitchen table, get to work on creative projects. The kids can use items from the recycling bin at home, such as boxes and tubes and wool. Sometimes inspiration comes from a craft show on TV or something they have seen or  been talking about. You can make puppets, dolls beds, mini bike jumps, monsters and dress ups.

A plastic or strong cardboard box and a set of plastic drawers will serve well as a collecting box, inspired by the Playschool Useful box from long ago. When the creative urge strikes, you will know where to find the tools and materials to begin. When cleaning up, miscellaneous items go back  into the box and until it is full. The next step is to make decisions and choices with children to keep it manageable. This is a great way to start teaching ways to make decisions and think about the implications of their actions on others.

Choose your moments and make sure children (and you) are in a frame of mind where they can deal with these challenges.

Visiting Op Shops, the library and meeting friends in a park for a get together are all fun ways to spend time together in the holidays. Don’t forget the fashion parade of clothes once a season to see what still fits and what to give to other younger friends cousins or charity.

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